Name: Acres Land Title Agency, Inc
Location: Milburn, NJ

Brief Description:
An established title agency located in Milburn, New Jersey, Acres Land Title was growing and needed to relocate out of its confined existing offices. Ponte Mellor Architects, Ltd. was engaged to completely update and retrofit an existing office building, 55 Essex Street to suit the specific the requirements of Acres as owner/user of the facility.

PMA prepared an architectural program for space usage as well as performance criteria for engineered MEP systems to be provided for the project. PMA designed custom offices on both floors of the new facility for Acres Land Title including open office work areas, with specialized file storage, executive offices, and conference rooms with audio/visual capabilities, a central LAN room for the company's servers, reprographic /mail room, employee lounge and new restrooms. PMA engaged consulting engineers J. Loring and worked with their MEP engineers to provide an entirely new zone controlled HVAC system for the building. Additionally, the building exterior was updated to eliminate through wall air intakes, provide new parking lot lighting and to install new entry way finishes.