Name: Child's Play
Location: Rockville, MD
Role: Architect
Duration: Completed

Brief Description:
Ponte Mellor Architects, Ltd. (PMA) was commissioned to design the Child’s Play store located in Rockville, MD at Congressional Plaza. Child’s Play is a retail toy store for small children with games, toys, and educational materials. After visiting the existing store, PMA was asked to come up with an upscale, suburban design with interactive features and childlike themes. The concept became various ecosystems including the sea, the beach, forests and mountains with paths to follow and animals to greet them. Fish, frogs, bunnies and crabs can be followed through the store from one area of toys to the next with a wall mural of mountains hand-painted at the back. The most unique part of the store is a life sized tree in the center of the store with low voltage lighting creating dappled light just as you would see in a natural environment. Children can crawl through the tree and even stand inside. PMA also specified all of the retail fixtures, layouts and exterior signage. Project delivery was through a design/build arrangement between ECB Commercial and PMA. The finished product has enthralled children along with the Owner.