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Name: Cycle Life USA
Location: 3255 K Street, NW Washington, DC 20007
Role: Architect
Builder: ECB Commercial

Brief Description:
Ponte Mellor Architects, working in a design/build delivery process with ECB Commercial, recently completed a total renovation of the first two floors of commercial space at the Papermill Condominium in Georgetown. The 12,000 sq. ft. two story facility required new floor slabs to bring the building to an acceptable standard for the new tenant, a lifestyle company for bicycle enthusiasts.  The tenant, CycleLife USA encompasses a café, high end sports retail, bicycle maintenance and repair shop, bio-mechanical bike fitting stations, physiology and human performance testing as well as a complete gym/spa with lockers and shower facilities.     Ponte Mellor Architects, working with ECB Commercial as the builder, completed the project in an 8 month timeframe as a fast-track delivery with demolition and structural upgrades performed prior to securing the building permit.  This delivery method saved approximately 4 months of construction time.  State of the art heating and ventilation systems were employed throughout for environmental considerations.  ECB Commercial followed “green” principles by managing the demolition process, receiving salvage credits for removed materials and segregating all trash and recycling, as well as using demolished concrete for fill and base at the new poured floor slabs. Ponte Mellor Architects specified efficient LED and florescent lighting throughout in conjunction with energy usage limiting software.  Recycled rubber floor products are used, as well as, certified wood products for millwork and display fixtures.   Low consumption bathroom fixtures and super efficient “energy star” equipment is used wherever possible in the café and laundry service areas.  A central pressurized water boiler is used to serve the hot water needs of the shower/locker areas, the café and an in-house laundry service.