Name: Old Town Plaza
Location: 9408 Grant Avenue, Historic district, Manassas, VA
Role: Architect
Duration: Completed

Brief Description:
Ponte Mellor Architects, Ltd. has delivered full service architectural and engineering design and construction administration services for the new Grant Avenue office building located in the center of the historic district in the City of Manassas, Virginia.  Opened in the spring of 2009, the highly detailed traditionally inspired brick façade is a welcome addition to the historic fabric of the old blocks near the County Courthouse.  The project brought together two small city land parcels to form a solid city corner lot; the architecture expresses the corner boldly, with a partial rotunda, cornice and detailed ironwork reminiscent of building from the late 1800s/early 1900s that make up some of the older city core.  PMA worked closely with the City of Manassas Architectural Review Board for approval of the design concept.  The building contains retail space on the full first level and office space on levels two through four.  This project is Ponte Mellor Architects’ second office building in downtown Manassas.