Name: Mayerson Residence

Brief Description
The Mayerson Residence project consisted of a substantial remodel and expansion of a 1960’s era split-level house into a modern family home including the planning of all the interior spaces to best take advantage of the natural features of a heavily wooded lot. The existing home (save the side entry garage and one front wall) was demolished to the foundation walls. A new single level sub-floor was installed and expanded over new basement space. A modern palette of brick, stone, stucco and corrugated metal siding is used to define the different activity zones of the home. Full height glass windows at the upper levels of the home look out over the natural beauty of the site and serve the common family spaces. The Owners have three boys and the home was designed to provide private and common play spaces, both inside and outside, for their activities. The Owner’s have intimate office/study spaces and as a counterpoint, expansive gallery spaces for the display of their art. The gallery spaces flow in the public and the formal spaces of the home. One wing of the house accommodates a guest room and home gym both of which are located off the main circulation spine for privacy and noise isolation.